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About Us

 Animalandia is one of the government recognized animal rescue organization in all of Mexico, and now include adoption services for homeless cats and dogs for the community in Loreto, BCS, Mexico.


Our Purpose

To improve the quality of life for the animals and people of Loreto, Baja California Sur, by promoting the sterilization of dogs and cats and promoting education on the care of animals.


Animal Sterilization

The mission of Animalandia is to reduce the unwanted animal population of Loreto through sterilization of the street dogs and the pets of people who could not otherwise afford this service. Animalandia presently holds these spay and neuter clinics, with the help of visiting vets several times a year.

The potential impact of sterilization is tremendous. In a community the size of Loreto, about 15,000 inhabitants, Animalandia’s work will make a noticeable reduction in the population of street animals, making streets cleaner and safer and improving the lives of the animals.



Community education is tremendously important in helping to control the unwanted animal population as well as to improve the well-being of both the human and animal residents of Loreto. Roaming packs of animals can impact the health of the human community through disease (rabies, parasites, bites, and spread of garbage.) Moreover, it has been shown that reduction of animal abuse through human
education also leads to a reduction in domestic violence.



An attempt is made to find homes for neutered dogs and cats. Our president, Lucy, has even flown animals to her friends and family in Mainland Mexico and many others have found families in the United States as well as locally. 


Amazing news from SOAR---All 8 of the dogs that headed north on 1/13/18 have been adopted! Thank you to Segunda Chansa, Dassia and Animalandia who saved them, to Patrick for driving them north, to Gretchen, Beth and Marcie for picking them up in the wee hours of the morning and to Family Dogs New Life for the incredible job they do with our dogs. Special thanks to the SOAR dog sponsors who made the trip possible.










Looking for a Home

Hi, my name is Elsie . I am about 7 months old and am so active and love to play!  I am a lab mix and have an awesome and intelligent personality! I love putting both paws in the bucket of water and friends to play with.  l would love to be part of your life in my forever home.




We are in need of a safe concrete wall and chain link combination to keep our dogs safe from drunk drivers and other dogs and kids on wheels outside the existing cyclone fence.  Their agitation increases complaints from everyone around us and the police are called regularly.

After 11 years, our cyclone fencing has taken a toll

You can buy a meter of the wall to help fund the last 26 meters out of 83 meters @ an estimate of $10,000 usd.

$125 a meter or $25 more for your Custom Photo Tile placed on our Wall of Appreciation at the Animalandia clinic. 

For a tax deductible donation  THE DONATE BUTTON IS AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE.  You will be contacted for your favorite photo of your pet or business logo or any other image you desire.  Help us build our New Wall as early as Februry 2018!!  Muchas Gracias Amigos y Amigas 


Looking for a Home


My name is Chico. I am a little guy but don't get fooled by that!  I found Animalandia while walking around and found a hole in their fencing!  I crawled into it and voila!  But, I really love being held and cuddled by my caretakers there.  I absolutely love running on the beach too!  If only I can have all that for the rest of my life.  




Adopted!!  I found a home!!


Hi, my name is Larry. I have the best mom and a boy that really needs my help keeping him safe and far from fear of loud noise.  I love my new home.

Hi, my name is Poncho.  I am a little older than others, about 6 years old now.  I love running on the beach and being in a quiet environment,  I am a good friend to whoever will be gentle with me and really look forward to meeting you!.

Looking for a Home

Groundbreaking Eastern Wall eliminating visual aggravation and reducing noise for our neighbors who have endured over 11 years of barking.  Photo taken 2/9/18

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