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Animalandia is always seeking volunteers to help with the day-to-day tasks in keeping our animals loved, safe and clean.  In March of 2018, 2 city employees will be appointed by our mayor, to do the maintenance job for us, 6 days a week.  

Picking up daily doos, doing laundry, trash, brushing and washing the patio and small kennels, and sweeping for starters.   Animalandia Ambassadors, will be helping the animals' health welfare, giving meds, keeping records, grooming, bathing, cuddling and petting,, teaching to walk on a leash within the compounds, take them to the beach as a pack etc

We are a sterilization clinic, yet many of the dogs that are here have been left here in the middle of the night, dumped over the fence or brought in from the street or the dumps by concerned locals.

They appreciate the daily food, especially for those who came to the center in a state of starvation or having been abused in other ways. Fresh, clean water  and good dog food is a luxury to many of these dogs. We provide them every day with that simple luxury. 

You will see for yourselves just how much giving them hope can turn them around in a very short time!

Please consider volunteering with us at Animalandia, especially during late Spring and Autumn. Any amount of help is appreciated and this is a wonderful way to engage with friendly, loving dogs. 

There are so many ways to participate as our Animalandia Ambassador! 


Have a love for the dog and the dog will know you forever.

[photo models] 

From Left: Tammi and Benson, Donna and Poncho, ShuLei and Chico, Christina and Bambi, Linda and Baby Girl, Ash and Elsie, DeeDee and Clark.





consider being a volunteer

613* 109 3979







Do you want to learn how to volunteer at Animalandia?

Come to Animalandia February 11 2018 @ 9:30am.

It's a great chance to learn what we're about while cuddling puppies and kittens.  Please email debedit@gmail.com

The first thing they do is run and say hello to strangers LOL !!

Loving the low tide run today. They surprised us by their obedience to our calls and whistles !! Especially Dot who is not socialized and afraid of car rides.  Not anymore XO 

Dot, Ben & Rudy felt free today 

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